2018 Subaru WRX STi: Subaru Better Not Mess It Up

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Subaru has been playing safe with the Subaru WRX STi and this is something that has cost them dearly. Thanks to the slow upgrade of the vehicle the competition has been allowed to catch them up and if they are not careful they risk falling behind.

The Subaru WRX STi arrived with a 300 horse power engine and since this time it has received barely any upgrades. The model on the market at the moment comes with 305 horses and this is only five more than what was offered some years ago.

This isn’t a bad number of course, it does offer plenty by way of horsepower, however it is less than what many of the competition is offering. The Ford RS for example offers up 350 horsepower.

Subaru is working on the Subaru 2018 WRX STi and fans are hoping that Subaru isn’t going to mess things up this time around. To keep fans happy they would like to see it come with a 2 litre engine offering at least 323 horses.