Fans of the Subaru WRX STi were hoping that a new and more efficient boxer engine would be coming their way and they wanted to see the five door hot hatchback of the Impreza come back for 2018.

Subaru could bring back the body style just to please all of the fans of the vehicle, however the car maker also has tethers to the bottom line in regards to making choices.

Really there isn’t any financial reason why the Subaru WRX STi should be redesigned to come with a five door version. However we did get to see a design of the concept of the Impreza five door concept.

The Subaru WRX STi has enjoyed great sales around the world despite there not being another option but the four door sedan. It has gone down so well that Subaru is now having issues keeping up with the demand of the vehicle that is booming.

The 2017 refresh of the Subaru WRX STi didn’t change all that much as it still comes with the boxer engine, which is 2.5T. It also offers the same design both on the interior and the exterior. This hasn’t stopped the brand from attracting many hordes of customers from around the world.

Other car makers have been making it very difficult for Subaru to give in to the request of fans, this is due to the fact that all the competition offer up five doors and this includes the Hyundai i30 N along with the Honda Civic Type-R.

The performance sedan does stand out though as it isn’t like the competition. This means that it isn’t going to fight for the same piece of pie. The car maker might offer up hatchbacks and sedans of the 305 horsepower rally car, which would mean more buyers of course. But you do have to ask whether the potential growth in sales is going to be worth the extra money.

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