Nissan has made it clear earlier this year that the Nissan Leaf was going to come in with the new Left ProPilot Assist System. They did not reveal much about the system at that time but now, they are allowing the public to have a peek at what is to come.

Nissan released a new teaser image showing off the Nissan Leaf ProPilot Assist System. We got to see the driver’s display and the button on the steering wheel. The Pilot system will activate when the driver presses the Pilot button on the steering.

The display will tell drivers what it can detect with green lines. The lines on the side indicate that the vehicle is able to detect the lane markings on the road while the green in between cars is there to indicate that the vehicle can detect the car in front and will control the distance between the driver’s vehicle and the vehicle in front.

The Nissan Leaf is also expected to come in with a bigger battery and a longer range.

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