2018 Nissan 370Z Is Losing 70CC And Gaining More Horses

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Nissan has expressed interest in coming up with the next generation of the Nissan 370Z but they have not given any confirmation about when we can expect the vehicle to be released. However it hasn’t stopped people from talking about what engine might be offered in the vehicle since the last version came with an engine that disappointed.

Many people believe that the next Z should offer up some serious performance and people are hoping that they will see the new 3 litre twin turbocharged V6 engine arrive. This is the one that the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport offers and it would make the perfect choice for the next Nissan 370Z.

If it happens it might be known as the 300Z and this would mean that Nissan have the chance to give the vehicle a retro modern look, to ensure that it appeals to the market.

While this does sound very exciting, it is just talk at the moment as nothing has been confirmed.

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