2018 Mercedes G-Class Gets Ready With Sucker Punch

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Everyone likes the look of the Mercedes G-Class and it wouldn’t be right to change it. Mercedes realize this it seems as we have seen the vehicle in testing in the 201 version.

The 2018 Mercedes G-Class is wider than before and this means that there should be more space in the cabin for people. However most of the big changes are not as conspicuous.

The cabin has some of the biggest changes and this lends to the luxury. It is said that it has some of the elements from the E-Class and it is going to offer up some new technology.

People have to be interested and that interest has to be kept up and so we are expecting the vehicle to offer up square looks and so the aerodynamics are not going to be improved by much.

The biggest change about the 2018 Mercedes G-Class is the fact that it has managed to lose 900lbs. This is going to help the handling performance of the AMG version, which has the 4 litre biturbo engine.

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