Thanks to spy shots of the next generation of the Jeep Wrangler the vehicle has enjoyed great deal of publicity. We have also heard plenty of news about the powertrains, production plans and changes to the build, all of which have generated excitement. The Jeep Renegade has always been popular but even this hasn’t gained as much interest.

Perhaps it may now be time for the Jeep Wrangler to move on as we could be about to see a more interesting reveal at the 2016 LA Auto Show, which is taking place in November. For the time being this vehicle has been tagged the Compatriot.

The Jeep Compass and Patriot replacement may keep the Compass branding and this would make sure that it had appeal in the international market. While it is going to be special it doesn’t mean that it will offer up anything new.

It is going to sit in-between the Jeep Renegade and the Cherokee and it should take on a small wide platform of the Renegade. This would make it able to compete with the Subaru Outback and the Mazda CX-4.

What does happen to be very interesting is that the new compact crossover is going to offer up looks that are along the same as those on the Grand Cherokee. This is if it looks like the test mule seen.

This is going to be an exciting take for fans of Jeep. It is going to mean that the Cherokee out on the market at the moment is going to look outdated.

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