The two most thought about vehicles of Jeep are the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Wrangler. The former is the posher of the two, while the latter is the more edgier of the two.

Only 20% of sales of the 250,000 sales that they have made during 2015 were outside of the US and this is disappointing. Half of those numbers were sold in Canada and Mexico. This shows us that the Jeep Wrangler is really only a big seller in the US.

Of course the US is the most vital for the Jeep Wrangler as this is its home market, so you would expect the sales to be bigger there than anywhere else. The only supply source is in Ohio, and they produce around 240,000 vehicles each year, but this number has to be shared among the Jeep Cherokee too.

The workers have to put in a lot of hours to send out the amount of Jeep Wrangler vehicles needed and it seems that the FCA has decided that it needs to spend $700 million to ensure that there are 350,000 units produced each year in the standard form and 100, 000 of the pickup variation.

It is thought that the Jeep Wrangler may surprise us in the same way that the Ford Mustang did, by becoming big when shipped internationally. The Wrangler has already made it name in the same way that the Mustang did before heading to international markets.

The Jeep Wrangler pricing is in the same bracket as the Ford Mustang, this is around $24,000. So we are not expecting the price tag to be an issue.

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