2018 Jeep Wrangler Has Same Tough Ambitions As Ford F-150

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It seems that Jeep and Ford are not going to be put off by reliability issues and both will take more risks for some of their most recognised vehicles. We are talking about the Jeep Wrangler and the Ford F-150 of course. Both are going to be made from aluminium and this is going to bring down the weight of the vehicles.

The boss of Jeep, Mike Manley, talked about what the company wanted to achieve with the next generation Jeep Wrangler and he kept on highlighting enhancements on fuel economy while at the same time striving to keep all the essential looks of the off-roader.

Jeep wants to improve the aerodynamics of the Jeep Wrangler while at the same time ensure that the vehicle remains the recognised halo 4×4 brand. Manley didn’t say anything about the fuel economy numbers, but the model out at the moment offers up 19mpg combined.

Going lightweight with the Jeep Wrangler will mean that the fuel efficiency should be better and this of course is what Ford has achieved with the Ford F-150 pickup. The Wrangler and the F-150 will both offer up hybrid versions before the end of the decade.

Blue Oval has taken things a step further than Jeep of course. They have developed two EcoBoost V6 engines and they have made peace with the biggest rival, GM, and they have created the ten speed automatic transmission for the Ford F-150.

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