2018 Jeep Compass Coming As We Bid Farewell To Jeep Cherokee

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At the moment we have only been treated to a look at the camouflaged prototypes of the upcoming replacement of the Jeep Compass and Patriot in the US. In Brazil it has been seen in all its glory, this is where the vehicle is going to be produced.

The 4×4 has the name of the Compass and so this means that we can say farewell to the Patriot. However the vehicle does look to be a sportier and smaller Grand Cherokee and we can say goodbye too to the Cherokee.

It has been redesigned from front to back and it has the base of the small wide platform of the Jeep Renegade. This is going to boost the status of the Cherokee as being a poor man’s Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep Compass does have a look that is premium, which puts it along the lines of the Grand Cherokee than the Cherokee. One of the biggest differences is seen with the sportier elements that gives it some looks of the Range Rover Sport, which set it apart from the current flagship SUV.

This does have you wondering what Jeep has in mind for the Cherokee. They are either going to have to give it a huge overhaul or they are going to have to give it a refresh that is dramatic.

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