Honda will be giving us everything they got when they bring out the new 2018 Honda Odyssey. Not only will the three-row model get a new exterior design but it will also be fitted with some of the new and latest techs that Honda has to offer.

As nice as that sounds, some consumers also think that that is the reason why we should be avoiding the 2018 Honda Odyssey. The Honda Odyssey will be the very first Honda model to come with the new 10-speed auto transmission and while that should help improve the drive of the vehicle, some people are worried that the new transmission would not be reliable and that they would end up paying a lot more to get it right.

Since we have not seen the 10-speed automatic transmission is action before, it is hard to say if the transmission is going to be an issue or not but it was clear that some people were not too happy with the previous 9-speed automatic transmission that Honda has been offering.

Honda invested close to $149million in making sure the Odyssey is made right. A huge part of the money will go to the Tallapoosa Georgia plant while the rest will be going to the transmission plant in Ohio.

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