Honda has gone into great detail about the Honda Civic and self-driving. They opened up at the 2016 Paris Motor Show when they talked about the Honda Civic Type R and the hatchback.
They talked about many things at the event, including AWD and FWD and the pros and cons, getting as much power from a small turbocharged engine, eco-friendly vehicles and of course autonomous driving. On this stance they believe that the steering wheel should be in the hands of human drivers, not robots.

This isn’t to say that they don’t like autonomous driving and the idea of it. The head engineer said that it would come in time. However this doesn’t mean that the vehicle would be driven solely by a robot.

In regards to eco-friendly vehicles Honda takes the same stance as Toyota in that they think hydrogen fuel cells are the way forward. The Honda Accord Hybrid is offered and before the end of the year they are hoping to launch the Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle.

This may mean that we could be about to be introduced to the Honda Civic Hybrid, which will join the Honda Civic Type R in the line-up from Honda. It is thought that at the moment they are conducting studies to find out where the hybrid Civic, EV and plug-in would do best. Whether we will see autonomous driving arriving anytime soon is anyone’s guess.

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