When considering the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R and the Honda Civic Si it is like comparing the beauty and the beast. These are two high performance vehicles that are very different.

The new Honda Civic Si is going to be launched early on this year and this is the 10th gen. The second performance car from Honda, which has baffled enthusiasts as to why launch two vehicles, is the Honda Civic Type-R.

The Honda Civic Si is available as a coupe or sedan and it has featured an upgrade to the base engine of the Civic and comes with adaptive suspension, cutting edge braking, a precise shifter for the six-speed manual and limited-slip differential that is state of the art. While the Si is going to be performance orientated it will be a vehicle that you can drive around in on a daily basis and it is going to be fuel efficient.

The Honda Civic Type-R is a beast of a vehicle that is finally making its way to the US. It is only going to come in hatchback and it isn’t going to be a vehicle that can be driven around in every day. The chassis of the vehicle, the drivetrain and the suspension have all been optimized to ensure that the vehicle is a monster on the road. The Type-R will offer a 2 litre turbo four engine which is said to offer up 340 horses. It is going to be front-wheel drive with six speed manual transmission.

So the choices between the Honda Civic Type-R and the Honda Civic Si is going to depend on whether you want a beauty for driving around in on a day to day basis or you want a beast of a vehicle.

Mario Caballero

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Tim Duncan · February 6, 2017 at 4:19 pm

Why couldn’t you drive around the Type-R everyday? That would be up to the owner, wouldn’t it? I have a co-worker that daily drives a Lotus Elise, even in the winter. Having a Type-R as a daily would be cakewalk for him.

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