The new Honda Civic is going to make big money for the car maker as it is expected to sell well around the world. It is thought that the Civic is going to be pushing away the Honda CR-V within the next couple of years so that Honda can focus entirely on bettering the production of the 2018 Civic.

Honda isn’t planning on offering up a line-up that is huge. We heard this from the General Manager of Honda Europe at the Paris Motor Show. By offering up a range that is smaller they are entering a strategy that means they have core vehicles that are well developed, which they are able to commit to. This is better than them chasing volume just for the sake of doing so.

This mind-set can be applied to the Honda Civic hatchback. The Civic and the Honda CR-V might both share the same platform but they aren’t going to be sharing the same factory in Swindon for production.

By 2018 Honda will make the Swindon facility Honda Civic only and this means that the car maker can put all their focus into refining and improving the production process of the Civic.

This is going to result in us seeing a Honda Civic that is even better built than before when it rolls off the production line. Should Honda be able to do this with the rest of the line-up then we can look ahead to a superb range of vehicles from Honda in the years to come.

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