Honda is making some big changes and these include a move in product design along with changing production so as to make the most of the unused capacity.

At the moment the majority of their efforts in alternative fuel powertrains have been sporadic to say the least. They have had one or two hybrid or plug-in vehicles and they have also been in pursuit of hydrogen propulsion.

Now it is looking as though they want to regain bearings and introduce a plug-in hybrid that is dedicated along with an all-electric vehicle during 2018. It is also thought that it will be launched under the name of the Honda Clarity.

This may mean that they will also bring back EVs of some of their best sellers. The Honda Accord Hybrid made a return following a break of one year and it was stronger than before, offering 48mpg combined. The next generation of the Honda CR-V is also said to be coming in a plug-in hybrid and if so it would be the first time ever.

It may also make sense for us to see a 10th generation of the Honda Civic in hybrid form and while it may not happen for 2017, it is possible for 2018 when Honda launches the PHEV with a battery electric model.

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Mario Caballero

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