Honda is making lots of changes, for instance they are focusing more on entering electrified vehicles and they are making adjustments so that they can make the most of the unused capacity.

For now Honda has been putting their efforts into alternative fuel powertrains but they have been sporadic about it. They have offered up one or two plug-in hybrids and hybrids and of course they have been delving into hydrogen propulsion.

Now there is a new leader the car maker may be regaining their bearings and they could launch a foray into dedicated plug-in hybrids along with all electric cars by 2018. It is thought that they could come under the Honda Clarity branding.

This means that we may see the arrival of electrified variations of some of the more popular names. The Honda Accord Hybrid returned after a year long break and brought with it 48mpg combined. It is also thought that we will see the next generation CR-V as a plug-in hybrid for the first time ever.

It would also make a lot of sense for the Honda Civic to be brought back in hybrid form as this has been the most successful of the vehicles from Honda this year.

While the Honda Civic Hybrid may not make its way out until 2018, the chances are it is coming, more so after the car maker shows off the dedicated PHEV with a battery electric version.

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