The Honda Accord shares its platform with the Honda Civic and it is also sharing the same engine, which is the 15 litre turbocharged four cylinder powertrain offering 174 horses. What is on the minds of fans is whether or not it is going to be the end for the V6 3.5 litre that offers up 278 horses.

The turbocharged does offer up less power but by losing two cylinders it means that there is going to be smaller displacement and if it has to rely on forced induction the Honda Accord is going to be nimbler and offer up mileage that is better.

A V6 engine would help the best-seller from last year to keep its identity apart from the smaller sibling, more so as it will be losing the design it has now for one that is sportier.

The Toyota Camry is also coming to a crossroad as it is going to be given the 2 litre turbocharged four cylinder for the 2018 version. This may mean that the V6 3.5 litre offering 268 horses could help the sedan become a vehicle that offers a sportier ride and one that has more agility, thanks to the new global platform that it shares with the Toyota Prius.

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