We have seen the next generation Honda Accord out in testing and it showed off what seemed to be a fastback roof that looks to have been taken from the tenth generation Honda Civic.

This does seem to be evidence that the mid-sized sedan is going to lost some of the old styling and take on a look that is sportier. The response from consumers suggests that this is a move that hasn’t stopped to polarize fans of the vehicle.

The question is whether the Honda Civic is going to ruin or enhance the Honda Accord appeal. Based on the outline of the vehicle, which was under disguise, it does look much like the Honda Crosstour, which has departed. This isn’t a bad thing though.

Along with sharing the design language along with the architecture with the smaller brother, the Honda Accord is going to offer up the turbocharged four cylinder engine and this may replace the V6 3.5 litre. There are some people who think that it might come with the 1.8T engine as opposed to the 1.5T, which offers up 174 horses on the Civic.

This might sound like something of a one way relationship for both of the sedans, however this isn’t the case. The Honda Accord may take some of the best aspects of the Honda Civic, but then perhaps it will be the other way around.

The Honda Accord hybrid engine could might help to revive the Honda Civic Hybrid, we cannot see any reason why it shouldn’t happen.

The Honda Accord Hybrid offers the 2 litre engine and this offers 48mpg combined, this is similar to that of the Toyota Prius. But do you think that the Honda Civic Hybrid might come back within the next few years?

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