2018 Honda Accord Loses V6 3.5 litre Thanks To Honda Civic

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There is a big chance that we are going to see changes on the 10th generation of the Honda Accord and one of them may be losing the V6 3.5 litre engine. It is thought that instead the vehicle could come with the 1.5 litre 176 horsepower turbocharged four, which is taken from the Honda Civic.

The V6 engine may be replaced due to the fact that the Honda Accord is ready to take on the same platform along with the styling that is seen on the Honda Civic.

Going for the smaller displacement would of course help when it came to improving the fuel economy of the Honda Accord. However some people have said that the V6 engine gives up to 34mpg when travelling on the highway.

The 1.5 litre turbocharged engine gives up to 42mpg and of course the CAFÉ standards have been on the tail of Honda, which has led to the growing in size of the Civic and the Accord, so Honda may feel they have to lose the V6 278 horsepower engine.

We do hope that the Honda Accord might keep the engine, as it is going to need something to make it stand out against the smaller sedan. The next generation of the Accord could keep the six speed manual.

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