2018 Ford Focus RS Offers Good News For Self-Driving

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Ford is going to be expanding into two different directions. One of these features Ford Performance, which is going to be producing the Bronco Raptor, Ford Mustang GT500 and the Focus RS500. The other direction is going into hands free autonomous driving, which is being developed with the Fusion Hybrid.

This has led to fans of performance vehicles being frightened of their favorite vehicles being sullied with the addition of self-driving features. Would you want to give up the steering wheel control on the Focus RS?

However there is some good news about the semi-autonomous driving and this is that Ford knows which of their vehicles isn’t going to be suited to use the technology. According to them the autonomous driving isn’t going to reduce any effort of rides that are enthusiastic.

So it is looking like some nameplates in the lineup make sense to become autonomous, while others don’t. This does give an indication that we perhaps should not worry about their performance cars.

The 2017 Ford GT is a luxury vehicle and as it is the halo model of Ford perhaps it shouldn’t have the autonomous driving feature. If the car maker keeps the technology away from the ST and Ford Focus RS models then people may be happier.

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