Ford revealed that the new Ford F-150 was going to be made in aluminium but consumers didn’t take the news all that well. Then things were made even worse as GM came out with an ad that led us to believe that the F-150 wasn’t durable and its soft.

Now Ford have managed to convince people that the Ford F-150 is really better than it has even been and now people are looking ahead to the launch of the 2018 Ford Expedition upgrade.

There is one thing that people are worrying about and this is the price tag of the 2018 Ford Expedition. Ford has given the vehicle new upgrades and this typically means that the price tag is also boosted. This should happen naturally as the upgrade isnt going to come in cheap for the car maker and they do have to make profits.

But do you think that the price tag of the 2018 Ford Expedition is going to rise and if so will it put people off?

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