Dodge said that the Dodge Challenger is going to offer the AWD drivetrain at some point in the near future but this is something that has seen reactions that are mixed. Fans of the Challenger seem to agree that the move may be a positive one though as it means that AWD would mean that the Challenger would be targeted towards a bigger audience.

There is a downside in that the Dodge Challenger is a heavy vehicle and if it offered the AWD drivetrain then more weight is going to be added to it. Should the Challenger run on the engine of the Hellcat the 707 horses isn’t going to translate all that well into performance thanks to the vehicle being heavy.

Maybe it is time for people to stop thinking about the Dodge Challenger Hellcat only driving on straight roads. If it had all wheel drive it would be better for gripping and so the handling would be better and this would help with the lap times on the track.

The big question is if there is going to be lots of interest in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat AWD. If not what is needed for the vehicle to grab the attention of people?

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