2018 BMW X3 Can Scare BMW X5 With Size!

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When BMW launch the 2018 BMW X3 it will scare the pants off the BMW X5 with its bigger body.

We have seen two variations of the BMW X3 in testing; one came with the M-Sport package and the other a standard version offering a different trim. Despite the fact that it was well hidden, you could still see the difference between the standard version of the X3 and the one offering the M package.

The 2018 BMW X3 is going to be the third generation and the biggest. It is going to arrive on the market and it looks as though it will be bigger than the second gen X5 in size.

From what we can see all the elements of the BMW X3 have gotten bigger, this includes the grilled to the badge and the side mirrors to the headlights. The ride height is also bigger and the body has grown too, along with the windows and rims.

We are expecting the 2018 BMW X3 to make its way out into showrooms during the second half of 2017.

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