2018 BMW 8-Series: Doesn’t Look Like S-Class Coupe Is Going To Remain Lonely

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Mercedes Benz is launching the new Mercedes Benz S-Class and of course this is going to lead to BMW making a response to it. They have done with the BMW 8-Series, which has been seen being tested.

The BMW 8 Series has been seen out in the wild and it was covered up with stickers so that it couldn’t be seen. However we do know that the vehicle is going to have the base of the BMW 7-Series and this means that it will have the platform of the 7-Series.

We can also see that the BMW 8-Series coupe is longer in size and this is going to mean that the people in the back of the vehicle are going to have more room.

It is thought that the BMW 8-Series is going to come with the twin turbocharged inline six engine. There is also going to be the V8 twin turbocharged engine along with the V12 twin turbocharged that is offered with the 7-Series.

Some people do like how the BMW looks on the exterior, while other people have said that the looks of the vehicle are ugly and more so with the big grille on the front and this is said to look out of place.

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