2018 Audi RS3 Remains Hiding Away

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For the time being we have no idea as to whether or not the Audi RS3 is going to make it onto the shores of the US during 2018. However some people think that it will do and in fact some people have posted on Reddit and they say that it is heading their way.

The Audi RS3 was covered up so it was difficult to see the design. However still many people think that it was the vehicle. People said that it was as it came with the oval RS pipes at the back of the vehicle.

So if this is the Audi RS3 then we just cannot wait to find out what the vehicle is going to look like. Even seen in the test format you can see that the vehicle does come with some superb looks.

It is thought that the Audi RS3 is going to arrive as a 2018 version, but what do you think about it?