2017 Volvo XC90: Self Driving Is About To Get More Difficult

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Many car makers are offering up vehicle that offer semi-autonomous driving but Volvo wants to go one better as they want to be known as the best brand name for self-driving at the beginning of the new decade.

Volvo aren’t going to be content with just automated features, they want to launch aa vehicle that is fully autonomous by 2021, which isn’t a threat to occupants, unlike some of the systems that are being used today.

This is a dig as the AutoPilot from Tesla of course. Volvo has said that this is a wannabe system and while this is a bold statement, they do have a system of their own that is more advanced.

Volvo is offering Pilot Assist II on the Volvo XC90 and this is going to be improved when the SUV goes into the 2017 version. The Volvo S90 along with the V90 are also going to offer the system.

However it might not go well when it comes to upgrades as they go into 2020, but this isn’t down to the available technology to come from Volvo.

The CEO said that they are looking for partners so that they can produce the self-driving hardware, along with regulations needed to be able to guide development of the fully autonomous and semi-autonomous systems.

This is out of the hands of Volvo and it does make it more difficult for them to consider the perfectionist approach when it comes to making their self-driving technology.

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