2017 Toyota Tacoma: Eat Your Heart Out, Colorado!

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The Toyota Tacoma is laughing at the Chevrolet Colorado as it leads in total sales by more than 60k and even the combined sales of the Colorado and the GMC Canyon are not able to come anywhere close to the Tacoma.

Some analysts are predicting that following a steady sales growth over the past six years the rise is going to come to a halt. It is thought that truck and car sales may total about 17 million at the end of the year and this is a slight decline over the 17.47 million last year.

The Toyota Tacoma has enjoyed September sales that are up 35% while the Chevrolet. The Toyota Tundra and the Chevrolet Silverado have taken the year off it seems in the US but this may be about to change as both are coming back in 2017 with some huge changes. But will they be enough to beat the sales of the Tacoma?

The Chevrolet Colorado managed a rise of 40% in sales and while this is more than the 30% of the Toyota Tacoma, the latter is still ahead in total sales by 60k.

Whether the Toyota Tacoma will be able to keep the big lead it has on the Chevrolet Colorado remains to be seen next year, but which of these vehicles would you go for?

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