The GMC Acadia isn’t a vehicle that is going to suit everyone due to the fact that it offers up plenty of chrome. However, if you don’t mind chrome it could be a good choice for you. If not then you might want to consider the 2017 Toyota Highlander as it is showing the Acadia who the boss really is.

The Toyota Highlander offer up the 2.7 litre inline 4 cylinder engine with 185 horses along with 184 torque and six speed automatic transmission. You should be able to get 25mpg from it when out on the highway and 20mpg when driving in the city. The Highlander comes with emergency brake assistance, glass breakage sensor and headlights that can sense dusk.

The engine in the GMC Acadia is the 2.5 litre I-4 offering up 190 horses and the same in torque. This engine has the six speed automatic gears and it should offer up around 21mpg when travelling in the city and on the highway around 26mpg. It offers an 8 inch display along with a dual skyscape sunroof.

The Toyota Highlander will cost around $40, 288 and the GMC Acadia comes in with a price tag in the region of $29, 995. So which vehicle would you choose?

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