The 2017 Toyota C-HR was proudly shown off at the Paris Motor Show and we got to get a good look at what the vehicle is going to offer. From what we could see the vehicle has taken on the looks of the Civic Hatchback, more so at the back end.

Both the Honda C-HR and the Honda Civic Hatchback have a similar rear end that juts out and the same C-shaped rear lights.

One thing is for sure and this is that the biggest role of the Honda C-HR is style. The back end which is Civic Hatchback look-a-like, does cut into the space for cargo somewhat, but the raked tailgate does mean it offers an interesting shape.

What is unusual about the design of the Honda C-HR and the Civic Hatchback is that Honda chose to include a spoiler, albeit a smallish one, moulded into the body of the vehicle on the glass at the rear.

One way in which the styling of the Honda C-HR differs is the door handles on the back doors and they are located high up, in face you couldn’t get them any higher as they are up close to the roof, which is very unusual.

So when it comes to the back end of the Honda C-HR it does look as though it was designed based on the Honda Civic Hatchback, with just some small changes.

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