The 2017 Toyota C-HR could stand to lose buyers as the vehicle isn’t going to be offered with the diesel engine option and there are many fans of diesel out there. The good news though is that it is going to be offered as a hybrid and it happens to be the only vehicle in the subcompact CUV category that offers this option.

Apparently the Toyota C-HR was going to be offered with the diesel option, Volkswagen put paid to this though with the scandal which has turned diesel cars toxic for many buyers. Since the scandal, during the past 6 to 12 months, it was decided that the vehicle wouldn’t be offered with the diesel option.

The Executive Vice President of Toyota said that the demand for diesel is dying down. Of course Toyota isn’t the first car maker to abandon diesel since the Volkswagen scandal. Renault is also pulling out of diesel vehicles in their line-up and they said that the reason was due to costs with authorities in Europe and their scrutiny on emissions.

The Toyota Auris diesel will also be suffering the same fate as the Toyota C-HR too when that gets updated. So the best you can hope for with the C-HR is the hybrid version.

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