Thanks to the fact that the Tesla Model 60D has been scrapped the 2017 Tesla Model X base price doesn’t seem to be so much of a bargain anymore. The starting price rose by $11 following the demise of the 60D.

When Tesla dropped the Tesla Model X 60D and then bumped up the price tag of the Tesla Model X to a whopping $85,000. The name of the 60D did confuse some people as it didn’t offer up a battery pack of 60kWh. It came with the 75kWh battery that had been limited by software to 60kWh and this offered customers a more affordable way in to the electric SUV market.

Tesla didn’t say why they chose to end the 60D, however they may have done it purely to boost the profit margins. This would in turn help find the development of the Tesla Model 3, with a price tag of $35,000.

On the other hand perhaps the 60D wasn’t popular and this is why it has met its demise. Whatever the reason it means that purchasing the Tesla Model X is now even more expensive, $11k more expensive to be precise.

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