Analysts have said that around a third of the people who reserved the Tesla Model 3 have now given up on the vehicle and instead they have chosen to buy the Tesla Model S.

It was said that when Tesla introduced the two year leasing scheme with cuts it paid as it brought in customers for the Tesla Model 3 even before the production of the vehicle happened.

The leasing scheme was available in August and September and it did what it was supposed to do, get people who had made reservations on the Tesla Model 3 into the brand straight away thanks to other models. The Tesla Model S could be leased for around $600 per month for 24 months, along with offering reservations that were cheap on the Model X reservations.

Around 400,000 pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 have been placed but many of these people are going to have to wait for around two years before they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. Of course perhaps people who are impatient should bear in mind that the Tesla Model X costs $31k more than the price tag of the Model 3.

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Mario Caballero

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