2017 Tesla Model S Ends Up Joining Wrong Party

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Tesla wanted to take over the full-size luxury sedan market over in the US and it looks like they might have done it. But one analyst believes that they may have ended up joining the wrong party.

Tesla sold 9, 156 units of the Tesla Model S in the US during the third quarter and this was a jump of 59% when you compare this to the same time during last year. They also sold twice the amount of vehicles that Mercedes-Benz S-Class did.

But is the Tesla Model S really a vehicle that should be in the large luxury sedan category? Some people have said that it would be better in the midsized category.

The Tesla Model S comes with a price that really should put it in the midsized category. The price is $30,000 less than what you can get the Mercedes S-Class for and $16,000 less than what you would pay for the BMW 7-Series.

So should the Tesla Model S fall under the midsized category or should it fall under the large category. It really doesn’t make that much difference to Tesla, all that bothers them is that it has sold more than the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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