2017 Tesla Model S Along With Chevrolet Bolt Give Volt Cold Shoulder

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The 2017 Tesla Model S and the Chevrolet Bolt both made it to the finals of the Motor Trend Car of the Year. This is a position that it has been in before as it also took the title in 2013. The vehicle up for the title this year was the version with the 60/75kWh battery.

The 2017 Tesla Model S wasn’t alone though as the Chevrolet Bolt EV was stood next to it as a finalist. What has surprised many people is that they both gave the Chevrolet Volt the cold shoulder as while it was up for the award it didn’t make it to the finals.

There is plenty to like about the Tesla Model S 60. The battery can be upgraded at any time from 60kWh to 75kWh and this can be done via an OTA update. You can get the 60kWh battery $8, 500 cheaper than what the 75kWh trim is going to cost you, but if you upgrade it will cost you $9,000.

Both the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the Tesla Model S deserve to be on the list for the Motor Trend Car of the Year but it was a shame that the Volt didn’t make it onto that list too. We say this as it is the second best-selling electric vehicle in the US.

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