At $35k you really do get a lot for your money with the 2017 Tesla Model 3. However it looks like many consumers don’t want the basic vehicle as they want extras adding on and this means that the price tag ventures closer to that of the BMW i3 instead of the Nissan Leaf.

90% of consumers who ordered the Tesla Model 3 said that they wanted Supercharger access and 75% of people wanted the biggest battery pack. 43% said that they would go for the battery upgrade.

This means that there are few people who would actually buy the Tesla Model 3 in the base version. 7% of people said that they would go all out and choose every feature there was to choose and 30% said that they would choose some upgrades.

One thing to consider when adding in all the extras to the Tesla Model 3 is that not only does the cost of the vehicle rise but also the delivery time. Tesla is going to want to send out the dearest vehicles first and anyone who has paid for all the extras should get their vehicle first, with the base level vehicles being the last to get sent out.

You might also lose the $7,500 US tax incentive of course if Tesla does go over the 200,000 EV vehicle mark. By going for a more expensive version and getting your vehicle first you may get the Tesla Model 3 cheaper than someone going for the cheaper version but who gets their vehicle last and misses out on the tax incentive.

There are some who pre-ordered the Tesla Model 3 who want the Autopilot system and some want Supercharger access. 36% of people went for these options. One thing that doesn’t seem to have gone down too well is the Ludicrous mode.

So it does look like there isn’t going to be many Tesla Model 3 vehicles that fall under the $35,000 price bracket. The cheap price tag may have been one of the draws of Tesla, however not that many people have taken them up on it.

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