The Tesla Model S and Model X are having to make a sacrifice for the sake of the 2017 Tesla Model 3 as the carmaker has revealed that the assembly plant in California is to close down for a week to concentrate on the Model 3.

Production of the Tesla Model 3 is going to be in full swing so that the company can meet the target for producing the Model 3 in July. The pause is brief according to Tesla and it will add capacity to the paint shop to prepare it for the Model 3.

Tesla will then be able to start production of the Tesla Model 3 later on this year as they have planned and it will allow them to begin ramping up to produce 500,000 vehicles a year during 2018.

It is thought that the pause in production of the Tesla Model S and X will not have an impact on the first quarter production or delivery figures. This is due to Tesla having added production days for compensating.

Tesla is planning on starting test building of the Tesla Model 3 on 20 February.

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