Many people are waiting for the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 but then some people believe that the vehicle is going to end up just like the Model X as it might be struck with delays that frustrate.

At the moment Tesla have taken in more than $10 billion in pre-orders, but will a large amount of these suffer from a delay? Goldman Sachs added it to their Buy list but only five months after doing so they have now discarded their recommendation. On 6 October they put the Tesla Model 3 into neutral along with slashing down the price to $185 from $240. The reason was said to be potential delays for the vehicle.

Of course it could have ended in a worse sell rating as the brand name deliveries were up by 70% during the 3rd quarter of this year along with analysts from Goldman Sachs predicting positive results for earnings per share during that time. Due to this the share price of Tesla has dropped 3.5%.

So is the Tesla Model 3 going to suffer the same delays as the Tesla Model X, what do you think?

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Mario Caballero

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