The Tesla Model 3 may have a low starting price of $35k, however, Tesla aren’t being truthful about the price as many people have chosen add-ons and this is boosting the price up by a considerable amount.

Over on the website of Tesla you can see that about 90% of people who are reserved the Tesla Model 3 will be paying well over the $35k price tag for their vehicle. Many have chosen to go with Supercharger access and 75% said that they wanted the biggest battery pack.

The entry level model at $35k doesn’t appeal to many people it seems as 7% are thinking about adding on every single feature onto their Tesla Model 3. The site showed that 36% wanted the Supercharger access and Autopilot, but the Ludicrous mode isn’t something that has people excited.

The Autopilot has been a popular choice due to the self-driving capabilities but of course this is going to send the price tag of the Tesla Model 3 higher, but people don’t seem to mind paying for it.

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Mario Caballero

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