The Tesla Model S and model X have suffered from reliability issues and so with the Tesla Model 3 they really have to prove their worth. When compared to the bigger siblings the compact sedan is simpler to produce, however there has been an overwhelming demand and this brings about a predicament that is trickier.

A Japanese news source said that the die-maker of Tesla for the Tesla Model 3 body panels is demanding. The electric sedan is generally made from steel for the most part. However there are some aluminum parts in the vehicle too. What is difficult is creating the dies that shape the material and this is alongside the perfectionists of Tesla that have been causing the supplier to sweat it out.

The process of dealing with the shaping of the aluminum is the specialty of the engineers at Fuji Technica and they happen to know the most cost-effective way of making the Tesla Model 3s soft curves.

The project is taxing and high volume but the Japanese supplier does happen to be grateful to Tesla as the car maker should be able to reverse the ill fortunes which has left them grappling with losses that have been deep over the last several years.

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