CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has spoken out about the creation of a glass technology group and the glass is going to be used for automotive applications along with solar roof tiles. The first of the vehicles to be given the glass is the 2017 Tesla Model 3.

Tesla said that they will create solar roofs instead of panels and these roofs will be highly durable. In a Twitter post they showed off the new solar roof glass tiles and the technology is going to trickle down the roof or windshield on the Tesla Model 3.

The sedan offers up a full length glass roof and this spans from the windshield down to the rear window. This means that this is the perfect vehicle to use the technology. The Tesla Model S is also a good candidate and it comes with an airy open panoramic roof, while the Model X has the biggest panoramic windshield in production.

It was said that the director of Tesla Glass is Mike Pilliod and he worked as a top materials engineer at Apple and is now working on the special glass for the Tesla Model 3.

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