When the Porsche Panamera first arrived on the market many people were angry about the design of the vehicle. Some of the big name car reviewers even said that the vehicle was poorly designed to the point where it looked bad.

Porsche took the feedback to heart and they said that the second generation of the Porsche Panamera would have design corrections. This vehicle is now making its way to dealers and it does look better than the vehicle that came before it.

What happened to be most shocking was the fact that the corrections made to the design of the vehicle looked as though they were easy to do. The new version of the vehicle comes with better proportions and an appearance that is sharp looking. The design cues are similar to the previous version of the vehicle, however now it looks beautiful.

The base Porsche Panamera has the V6 twin turbocharged 2.9 litre engine and this offers up 440 horses along with 405 of torque. At the top of the range is the V8 twin turbocharged engine that gives out 550 horses and 567 torque.

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