2017 Nissan Rogue Review: Not Better Than CR-V

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While the name Nissan Rogue has you thinking of a roguish vehicle there really isn’t anything defiant or daring about it and in fact it’s just as bland as the Honda CR-V.

Still the Nissan Rogue has managed to attract buyers over the years and it is among the best-sellers in the US. Now Nissan has given the vehicle some changes, while some you aren’t going to notice there are some you might appreciate.

When it comes to driving there is nothing really to make it stand out. The Nissan Rogue offers the 2.5 litre four cylinder engine, which gives a drive equal to other vehicles in the same class along with the Honda CR-V and its 2.4 inline 4 cylinder engine.

The Nissan Rogue does fairly quiet, however you can hear wind noise when sitting in the driver’s seat. The vehicle is offered with driver assistance technology such as lane keeping and adaptive cruise control but then in this aspect it isn’t any better than the Honda CR-V as the latter offers up an Eco button for fuel saving, Real Time AWD system and more technology.

The ride quality of the Honda CR-V is slightly better than that of the Nissan Rogue but there really isn’t anything to get excited about with either of the vehicles as both are rather bland.

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