One thing that Tesla has shown other car makers is that you really don’t need the most advanced products, but you do need to know how to market them. This of course doesn’t apply to the Model S or Model X performance, but it does pertain to the Tesla Autopilot system.

The Tesla Autopilot is the semi-autonomous driving system that falls between level 2 and 2 for autonomy, level 4 is the highest level of course. Volvo offers level 4 technology, however the one that stands out as being the most well-known is Tesla Autopilot.

Of course it is the impression of the consumer that counts Nissan is among the leaders for promoting the semi-autonomous system, which they call the ProPilot. Instead of promoting the system only through adverts they have turned to using guerilla marketing and using chairs.

The ProPilot system was first seen in the Nissan Serena in Japan and it is thought that it will turn up on the 2017 or 2018 Nissan Leaf. The battery on the Nissan Leaf is 40kWh and while this isn’t all that impressive maybe the ProPilot offers enough to change the minds of people.

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