Thinking about an electric vehicle then you might want to consider the 2017 Nissan Leaf or the Ford Focus electric. The Focus used to be the underdog but no longer when it comes to specs and range and it does look more stylish than the Leaf. But which of the two vehicles would you choose?

The Ford Focus electric offers the slight advantage when it comes to EPA as it has a range of 115 miles in comparison to the 107 that the Nissan leaf offers. However the Focus electric is older and the Leaf offers a cargo bay that is more flexible and there are typically more dealers offering it and servicing it.

One look at the Nissan Leaf and you can tell that it is an electric car. The battery is found under the floorpan and rear seat, while the Focus has a design that had to be retrofitted for the battery. This means that the Ford Focus electric is heavier and isn’t as optimized as the Leaf, which was designed to be an electric vehicle.

The Nissan Leaf has been the best-seller around the world, including the US, and it offers a distinctive design. There isn’t a grille and instead there is a big rectangular door which holds the charging ports. The headlights stretch back along the fender line and it is topped with fins that are aerodynamic.

The Ford Focus is almost the same in styling as the five door hatchback and you really do have to look closely to tell it is an electric vehicle. The only differences on the exterior are the badges on the door and charge port which is on the front left fender.

The Ford Focus electric offers a fun driving experience and the 107 kilowatt motor offers more power than that of the Nissan Leaf and its 80kW. The Focus offers 143 horses and the Leaf 107 horses. Both have 6.6 kilowatt chargers, however if you go for the entry version of the Leaf you get the 3.3kW charger.

So have you decided which of these electric vehicles comes out ahead, is it the Ford Focus Electric or the Nissan Leaf?

Mario Caballero

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