If you hate the idea of an electric car using a gas engine extender you will be happy to hear that the Nissan Leaf is not going down the same route as the Nissan Note and for the time being at least, it will remain fully electric. This is unlike the Note which has the e-Power gas engine range extender.

The Note e-Power made fans of electric vehicles cringe, this is a hybrid vehicle that gets electricity from the 1.2 litre gas three cylinder engine that is in the Nisan March and Micra subcompact. The vehicle is said to offer up 87.4 miles per gallon in Japan.

The Nissan Note e-Power is an interesting vehicle as it is an electric car with gas generator and you don’t have to charge it. This is an odd vehicle when compared to the Volt and the Prius Prime along with the BMW i3.

For those who want their vehicles to be fully electric the good news is that at the moment it is only available in Japan. Of course this isn’t to say that the vehicle will not arrive in other markets. Perhaps eventually the next generation Nissan Leaf will follow the Nissan Note e-Power and be available with range extender.

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