2017 Nissan Leaf Base Price Jumps By $2.5k

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The Nissan Leaf was given a bigger battery pack last year in the upper trim and with this came a longer range but also an increase in the price. Fast forward to this year and the battery has been bumped up again to 30kWh and the price tag has been boosted by $2.5k.

This means that the base price of the 2017 Nissan Leaf is $32, 450, while it used to be $29,010. With the boost in price comes a boost in the range and it now offers up 107 miles.

A spokesperson said that they had made changes to the Nissan Leaf S and it now comes with a battery of 30kWh as standard. It also offers best-in-class for the range on all trims and the Leaf comes with the Quick Charge Package fitted as standard.

The Nissan Leaf is also going to be available with a 24kWh battery by contacting dealerships who will help you to located one.

But is the Nissan Leaf worth the extra $2.5k?

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