2017 Nissan 370Z Is Being Ignored, But Why?

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Anyone who is looking for a sports car might not pick the Nissan 370Z at first. Usually one of the first choices is the S2000 or the Subaru BRZ. But why is the 370Z being ignored?

The Nissan 370Z should be getting more attention that it does. It offers up a great engine, it handles well and it has an interior that is pleasing.

However there are some people who believe that the Nissan 370Z hasn’t been given big changes over the years. This may be true, it did get some upgrades but nothing major has happened.

There are some people who think that if they purchase the Nissan 370Z they are going to be getting a vehicle that is outdate. Some also believe that the driving experience of the 370Z isn’t as good as that offered by the BRZ or the S2000. But what do you think?

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