2017 Mercedes G-Class May Be More Like Wrangler Thanks To Similar Plans

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Some vehicles are meant to keep their vintage looks and there are plans to bring them up to date with new looks. Namely the brands that go off the road keep their vintage looks and among them is the Land Rover Defender, hopefully when it makes its way back out in 2019. Another vehicle is the 2017 Mercedes G-Class.

The next gen Mercedes G-Class has already been seen and even though it was hidden we got to see what it looks like somewhat and we could tell that the vehicle still has the same old boxy look to it.

The Mercedes G-Class does offer up a look that is classy but these looks are deceiving about the efficiency of the vehicle, the same as with the Jeep Wrangler.

The vehicle is said to be going to be losing weight and this means around 900lbs. The car maker has done well with this when you take in the visual heft that has been added to the vehicle. They have ensured that they have achieved the two main feats and this is hanging on to the vintage looks and at the same time ensuring that the vehicle is more efficient.

The CEO of Jeep for Wrangler JL said that they wanted to keep the same focus with the new version of the Wrangler and these are to ensure that the Wrangler keeps its looks while at the same time improvements having been made to the fuel economy of the vehicle.

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