2017 Mercedes G-Class Could Be More Like Wrangler Thanks To Similar Plans

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There are some vehicles that aren’t meant to offer up a modern look as they are well-known for their vintage looks and these help them to stand out from the crowd. This is more so for vehicles that are meant for tacking terrains, more than roads.

Everyone is hoping that the Land Rover Defender takes note of this when it makes its return in 2019, however if not then people have the Mercedes G-Class to choose from, despite it offering a price tag that is more expensive.

The next generation of the Mercedes G-Class has already been seen in spy shots and while it was wrapped up to hide its looks, you could still see that the vehicle hasn’t made the move from its boxy looks.

The Mercedes G-Class does happen to be deceiving when it comes to style as just as with the next generation Jeep Wrangler, the 4×4 is going to be a lot more efficient, despite the fact that it looks similar to the version that came before it.

The SUV is going to lose around 900lbs when you compare it to the version that is on the market at the moment and this means that the company have done well as the visual heft is bigger. They have managed to meet two of their objectives, the have managed to keep the vintage look while at the same time bringing more efficiency to the vehicle.

The CEO of Jeep did say that the same applies for the Wrangler JL and said that it has been a challenge to be able to keep the looks while at the same time improving fuel economy through improving the aerodynamics.

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