2017 Mazda 6 Could Be The Perfect Time For Diesel

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The SkyActiv-D diesel powertrain has been promised from Mazda for the US since 2011 and it very nearly came true for the Mazda 6 some years ago. However it didn’t come to fruition due to the fact that they failed to comply with the US regulation standards for emissions.

This didn’t put an end to Mazda talking about it though and they keep talking about the commitment they have to bring their oil burner to the US. Fans however have been fed up of waiting for it and Mazda keep on talking about it but as they have been doing for so long no one is taking them too seriously.

The CEO said that they have a schedule for plans for the diesel in the US and he said that it would occur before he stepped down from the position of chief.

Should Mazda fail to offer up the diesel engine due to not being able to meet the standards of the regulators, the next several years might be poor timing for them to make that move.

This is due to the fact that authorities in the US have put in measures that are even tighter for certification of their oil burners after the whole Volkswagen emissions scandal.

However they may be able to appease the regulators on the diesel front as Mazda is a company that has been able to boost the average efficiency of their gas engines and they have been the only one to be able to fully comply with the standards without electrification.

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