2017 Mazda 3 Design May Not Be A Mystery Any Longer

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The Mazda 3 offers up a design that is the same as the Mazda Axela which came onto the roads in Japan. So it makes sense that when the 2017 Mazda 3 comes our way it will take on the same look as the Axela.

The brochure for the Mazda Axela has been revealed online and if the Mazda 3 does follow on with the looks then the design of it is no longer a mystery.

When you look at the brochure it tells you that the Mazda 3 may offer up a brand new set of headlights along with bumper changes and new grille. As the Mazda Axela was given new turning lights we are expecting the same to apply to the Mazda 3 when it arrives.

The brochure also tells us that the Axela runs on the 1.5 litre Skysctive D engine and we believe that it will also arrive in the 2.2 litre diesel along with the 1.5 litre Skyactive G engine. There has been talk that we might be about to see a hybrid petrol version come our way too.

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